Does anyone here have that album LiMBO put out a couple of years ago? I used to have it on my iTunes and I lost my iTunes stuff a while ago and had to re download everything. I forget where I even got that CD now but I remembered I wanted it. Thanks.

Taylor's CD

I forgot to post this anywhere, and I was going through my profile and clicked on this community and wanted to post this. I've heard two of Taylor's songs in consecutive days (twice) recently. Even though I don't really follow what he's up to now, it was still fun to hear his music played. I'm trying to remember where the second place was now, I think it was at a Wawa and when I got my hair done. Anyone else hear his music?

I still want to hear the current American Idol on the radio even though I think I'd rather hear his album and other songs...
hp Θ h; come on

Hicks Spam!

Yes, I have successfully completed a really epic pic-and-vid-spam of Taylor Hicks .


Find it here @ my journal.
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under the radar

I'm updating my iPod/iTunes again (had to install a new version of iTunes so now I'm copying the songs I have on there again), would anyone know where I could find a copy/mp3s of Under the Radar? Or are there sites where they have his mp3s? Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

How does everyone like American Idol now at this point of the season? I would really like to go to David C's hometown visit if/when he makes the Top 3...who do you all think will win/be runner up/third place?